Our Work


Reclamation projects to help BLM with re-vegatation of the forest, by replanting native plants within the forest in areas that have been disturbed by off road use, fire, drought or other activities that have compromised the landscape.

Reclaimation of Joshua Tree Forest

Clean up projects, such as large trash dumps, and the general trash pick-up throughout the forest.

We work with BLM to maintain roads and trails to discourage and decrease people impact of the fragile eco system in the forest.

Friends removing trash from a dumping site in the area.

Monthly monitoring of the Arizona Joshua Tree Forest

  • Monitoring for trash within the forest and picking up what we run across or schedule an event if the trash dump is large.
  • Identify Illegal roads within the forest which can have a huge impact on the health of the Arizona Joshua Tree Forest; compaction of the soil caused by such roads will prevent important nutrients from entering the soil causing stress and eventual death of the Joshua Trees.

Joshua Trees Threatened by Road Ways

  • File a monthly report with BLM documenting the hours for volunteers; this is important  and very helpful in our efforts to secure funding. It will also be useful in building our clout with decision makers and opinion leaders from the most local level up to the administration.
  • Photography is an important tool in documenting the plants, birds and animals within the forest (many of which are endangered or found only in Joshua Tree Forests), the use of the forest for recreation, and the historic sites within the forest. This photographic evidence will help us lobby for further protection of the forest.



Being an advocate for the Arizona Joshua Tree Forest is an important part of what we do. We write letters to decision makers, respond to newspaper and other media articles, write letters to the editor on key issues, and educate the public on important matters concerning the Arizona Joshua Tree Forest.